Why ETS?

5G cellular technology has become a top priority for deployment to cellular carriers in North America.  Unlike 3G and 4G, 5G requires transmitters about every 5 city blocks due to the higher frequency and shorter wavelength.  This means that carriers have been scrambling to find commercial real estate locations to deploy the network as fast as possible.

ETS has established relationships with strategic partners to build out 5G networks and provide an end-to-end solution for all carriers nationally.  This creates significant additional cash flow opportunities for building owners that work with ETS.  An opportunity exists now for building owners to potentially capitalize on their real estate holdings to obtain this additional cash flow. We will work with you to analyze the characteristics of your building(s) to initially see if it meets the basic criteria that are optimal considerations for 5G technologies as well as analyze for geographic and neighborhood characteristics to ensure that it is an optimal candidate for carrier consideration.

The Process

  1. Working with ETS is simple.  The steps below summarize our process.
  2. Sign the attached ETS Marketing Agreement
  3. Find out the viability of your property within 10 business days.
  4. Upon viability, your property profiles are built, in our proprietary software, with 3D imaging and equipment renderings
  5. ETS contacts carriers for immediate interest.  If immediate interest is not obtained, the property remains in the system for carriers to see as an ongoing site location opportunity and part of our portfolio
  6. Carrier Lease deals are negotiated on your behalf to maximize cash flow and the most advantageous terms
  7. Lease is presented to you for approval decision
  8. ETS manages the permitting, construction, and execution for the rooftop equipment
  9. Cash flow is managed monthly in an ETS trust account and distributed within 14-days of receipt from carriers.
  10. ETS continually markets the property to additional carriers and works on up-selling carriers for additional rooftop equipment leases

Value Add

ETS serves as your full time, rooftop technology, agent. From day one, your property is analyzed and positioned in a way that delivers the most value to cellular carriers.  The property profile will already have all pertinent information such as rooftop size, elevation, and structure type which speeds up the process and makes it easier for carriers to make decisions.  ETS partners always get the most advantageous lease terms.  Due to expertise in the industry we fight for nonexclusive deals allowing you to have cash flow from multiple carriers instead of the typical one-off carrier exclusive agreement that are usually offered to property owners. We do not earn anything until you do.  By aligning our compensation with the property owner, you can be assured to receive the best deal possible. 

Fee Structure

This fee covers everything; property profile, analysis, permitting, tower construction, utilities, taxes, carrier relations, contract negotiation, carrier upselling, cash flow management, and representing you, as the client. Building owner pays nothing until a lease is secured and 1st month rent collected.

Continued Support

Once you partner with ETS, we manage the entire rooftop lease process from A-Z.