Why ETS?

Did you know that you might not be sitting on a gold mine—but there might be one right over your head?

If you’re a commercial property owner, rental property manager, or real estate developer, you may be able to earn additional revenue by contracting with wireless carriers to install 5G/telecom transmitters on your rooftops.

Looking to the Future

Fifth-generation (5G) wireless technology is the next phase of cellular telecommunications that’s being rolled out worldwide. It’s become a top priority for deployment for cellular carriers in North America, because 5G can handle over 100 times the data compared to 4G. 

However, unlike 3G and 4G, 5G requires transmitters about every five city blocks due to its higher frequency and shorter wavelength. As a result, carriers have been scrambling to find commercial real estate locations to deploy the network as fast as possible. Leases generally range from $2,000 to $20,000 each, and terms can extend for five to 20 years. The best opportunities include rooftops that work well in dense, populated areas where zoning doesn’t permit towers. And there are more than one million cellular sites in the U.S.

To prepare for new 5G wireless technology in an evolving, complex world, property owners need to plan for future expectations from tenants. This upgraded, faster network will become the standard for connectivity, simultaneously raising the demand for technology services to handle the massive business overhaul. Property owners can expect a multitude of added value, including: quality wireless improvement, increased building cybersecurity, higher rent costs, and lower operating costs based on added efficiencies.

Data from Pew Research Center shows 96% of American adults own a cellphone, and 81% own a smartphone. Last year alone, over 6 million Americans “cut the cord” with paid television, according to eMarketer, creating a larger potential revenue for property owners with 5G expansion on the horizon. Faster and more efficient 5G will be increasingly important for not only business investors, but also private real estate owners to increase their performance capabilities.

Making Your Rooftop Work for You

Landlords will have the advantage of leasing rooftop space, particularly in larger cities, which have been severely set back by the pandemic and are struggling on several fronts, such as dwindling tenant numbers, new regulations, and late payments. For these investors, the rollout of 5G presents a kind of stimulus that couldn’t be timelier. If optimally managed, these leases can provide a low-maintenance, essentially passive income source for decades.

Here’s where a savvy technology partner like Engineered Tax Services (ETS) can help. ETS has established relationships with strategic partners to build out 5G networks and provide an end-to-end solution for all carriers nationally. As a result, you can make a considerable amount of money if you’re a building owner who works with ETS.  We’ll analyze your building(s) to initially see if they’re suitable for 5G technologies and assess, according to location, if your property is an optimal candidate for carrier consideration.

The Process

  1. Sign the ETS Marketing Agreement.
  2. Learn if your property is viable within 10 business days.
  3. We contact carriers for immediate interest. If there is none, we keep your property in our system so carriers can recognize you as an ongoing site location opportunity and part of our portfolio.
  4. We negotiate Carrier Lease deals on your behalf to maximize cash flow and the most advantageous terms.
  5. We present the lease to you for approval.
  6. We manage the permitting, construction, and execution for rooftop equipment.
  7. We manage your cash flow monthly in an ETS trust account and distribute it within 14 days of receipt from carriers.
  8. We continually market your property to additional carriers and work on up-selling carriers for additional rooftop equipment leases.

Choose the Right Partner

A good 5G partner ensures that you come out on the winning end of the deal. For example, at ETS, we don’t earn anything until you do.  Since we align our compensation with you, you’re assured of receiving the best deal possible.  Our fee covers everything: property profile, analysis, permitting, tower construction, utilities, taxes, carrier relations, contract negotiation, carrier upselling, cash flow management, and representing you, as the client. You pay nothing until a lease is secured and the first month rent collected. In addition, you get our continued support: once you partner with ETS, we manage the entire rooftop lease process from A-Z.  

As a result of the pandemic, commercial real estate is under considerable financial pressure.  Could your unused rooftop be a potential cash cow?

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